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  • Молодая, но очень амбициозная фирма из Венгрии, буквально ворвалась на устоявшийся рынок приманок, прикормок, наживок и аксессуаров для рыбной ловли. Они не признают консервативных мнений, а если используют чужой опыт, то умело добавляют свое, современное видение рыбалки.


  • BigFish "BIGFISH" специализируется на продаже продукции "CARP ZOOM". Carp Zoom это молодой бренд на рынке приманок и снастей для рыбалки на Украине. К нашему счастью, у Carp Zoom есть группа преданных своему делу экспертов по производству и рыбалке. Благодаря их энтузиазму и прилежной работе мы можем предложить улучшенный и более расширенный спектр продукции из года в год.

  • Натуральные плавающие пеллетсы. Для любителей донной рыбалки «клюющая» наживка на весь год. С этого времени – в ароматизированной закрывающейся упаковке.Натуральная основа, классическая форма, наиболее востребованные вкусы, два размера.
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    The event in the capital city of Austria was the 15th EFTTEX for the company and the 8th for our brand, Carp Zoom. The exhibition is a key place to meet our existing and potential partners so we are always proactive in inviting people to visit us who are „not only our partners in business but they are also our friends”

  • About CarpZoom
    Welcome to the World of CarpZoom!
    CarpZoom is a fairly new brand in the fishing bait and tackle market. Fortunately for us at CarpZoom we have a group of commited experts in angling and production behind us. Due to their enthusiastic and diligent work we can offer an improved and wider range of products year on year.
    Times are changing but we have managed to gain an excellent reputation due to our commitment to meet the requirements of the wide range of fishermen, including hobby anglers willing to have some fun at the lake, to the devoted fanatics chasing the big fish’.
    We work closely with our esteemed partners (being also our friends) and grow our business together. We pride ourself on flexibility to help our partners to share the success of CarpZoom.
    The satisfaction of our customers is based on several topics we lay a big emphasis on:
    Selection of high quality ingredients by our own experts with many years of experience.
    Strict quality controls of the whole process from the raw materials to the ready products.
    Continuous testing under various conditions by our experts from the first prototype until the product is available in the market.
    The most up-to-date production technology to ensure the constant high quality.
    Top quality packaging materials to ensure the freshness throughout the shelf life.
    Flexible services offered by our well trained staff.
    Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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