Feeder Soft Hookers
Feeder Soft Hookers
Feeder Soft Hookers

Ideal hook bait for the needs of the feeder angler. The hookers texture is elaborated to withstand the awakening forces when casting.


FlavoursCZ codeBarcode
StrawberryCZ 09045999550920904
HoneyCZ 09115999550920911
BananaCZ 09285999550920928
Scopex-TigernutsCZ 09355999550920935
GarlicCZ 09425999550920942
Spice MixCZ 09595999550920959
Fish-HalibutCZ 09665999550920966
Monster CrabCZ 09735999550920973
Net weightPcs/ctnGross weight/ctn
90g121,40 kg