Sweet Feeder Dip
Sweet Feeder Dip
Sweet Feeder Dip

Qucik dissolving dip developed for feeder fishing with betaine. Using top grade ingredients this product gives an absolute plus to your hookbait.

FlavoursCZ codeBarcode
Sweet StrawberryCZ 06835999550920683
Sweet HoneyCZ 06905999550920690
Sweet VanillaCZ 07065999550920706
Sweet PunchCZ 07135999550920713
Sweet Cinnamon & PlumCZ 07205999550920720
CaramelCZ 07375999550920737
Sweet SpicyCZ 07445999550920744
Sweet CloveCZ 07515999550920751
Sweet FishCZ 07685999550920768
Net weightPcs/ctnGross weight/ctn
90g121,40 kg